Interior Design

Design inspiration from a timber perspectivel.

CPD for Designers

Wood in interiors

This CPD module on using wood in interiors has been developed in collaboration with the Timber Trade Federation, the British Woodworking Federation and Swedish Wood, working with the British Institute of Interior Design.

wooden lined bedroom with a high vaulted style ceiling in a minimalist design overlaid with the BIID British Institute or Interior Design logo

Joinery Handbook

for softwood furniture production

The Swedish Wood Joinery Handbook is a must for anyone involved in the design and production of wood furniture and fittings, whether students or those working in smaller joinery workshops or larger companies. This is the online version of the 120-page publication, allowing you to navigate easily to sections of interest to you. It is also available as a pdf.

Trä! Architecture Magazine Online

Trä! – Issue 3, 2023

Innovation and technology to inspire new houses

Czech forestry company Kloboucká lesní wanted its new headquarters to be a place of innovation and technology.

Sphere signposts route to knowledge

The Wisdome in Gothenburg is the largest of five new visualisation domes in Sweden.

Temple complex with different functions in a harmonious whole

Shrouded in gentle mist, the temple complex looks like a mirage in the damp greenery of the South Downs National Park in Hampshire, UK.

Photo credit:Boys play nice

The Cederhusen building

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