Timber from sustainably managed forests is the world’s most sustainable building material.

CPD for Architects & Designers

Introduction to timber

This is a general introduction to timber, the most sustainable of mainstream building materials. It is not intended to cover all timber topics, as these are available in individual modules.

cross sections of felled trees ready for processing, overlaid with the RIBA CPD Assessed Material logo
Swedish forest in production for commercial wood production, overlaid with the RIBA CPD Assessed Material logo

Procuring sustainable timber

This CPD module provides a broad awareness of forest legality and sustainability issues. The role of certification, general and uk legal requirements combined with an understanding of how to specify and procure legal and sustainable timber.

Masterclass videos



“Thank goodness there´s wood” Part of a film series about Swedish wood.
Dave Hopkins, Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation presents this Wood Campus online learning module, accredited for CPD by RIBA.

Follow the tree 1: The tree story

Follow the tree 2: The tree story

Follow the tree 3: The tree story

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