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Designed for specifiers, these online learning modules can be viewed as CPD courses or dipped into for specific information.

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This online CPD course introduces you to the UK edition of the Swedish Wood CLT Handbook. The Handbook has been updated and revised for the UK market in collaboration with Arup, Swedish suppliers of cross-laminated timber, and the industry body Swedish Wood.

Each section of this CPD begins with a short video overview of the Handbook chapter, followed by a link to the full document. In some sections we have also included a case study for you to review.

Building with wood

This CPD covers the important issues you need to be familiar with if you are designing and building with timber, including sustainability, timber frame, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), other engineered materials, sheet materials, roofing, joists and flooring.

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Wood in interiors

This CPD module on using wood in interiors has been developed in collaboration with the Timber Trade Federation, the British Woodworking Federation and Swedish Wood, working with the British Institute of Interior Design.

Introduction to timber

This is a general introduction to timber, the most sustainable of mainstream building materials. It is not intended to cover all timber topics, as these are available in individual modules.

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Procuring sustainable timber

This CPD module provides a broad awareness of forest legality and sustainability issues. The role of certification, general and uk legal requirements combined with an understanding of how to specify and procure legal and sustainable timber.

Focus on cladding

This is a general introduction to cladding and the key principles of its use.  Industry experts explain the diffent cladding types and how to design, fix, coat and maintain timber cladding, as well as exploring sustainability and procurement issues.

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Deck design & installation

This is a general introduction to timber decking covering design and installation. Topics include durability, strength, density, slip resistance, cost, planning and best practice.

Introduction to windows

This CPD module will provide you with an understanding of: the Life Cycle Assesment, Service Life and Whole Life Cost of timber, modified timber and aluminium-clad timber windows. Covering their performance in terms of their energy-efficiency, weather resistance, acoustics, security and so much more.

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Wood coatings & preservatives

This CPD module provides a broad awareness of wood coatings and preservatives. Covering key topics of the verious treatments available and their suitability to the required task and exposure to moisture.  Exploring wood durability classes and the service factors based on safety and economic considerations.

Fire safety and FR-rated timber

This course, along with other resources, are provided to help improve anyones understanding of how wood behaves in a fire and how to enhance that performance to comply with Building Regulations and other regulatory requirements and so ultimately to build safer buildings. This course is equally useful  to anyone involved in the specification, use and regulation of flame retardant treated wood products.

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Wood CO2ts less

This short online learning module takes you through the main arguments for using wood to reduce CO2 emissions, including source materials to substantiate the claims made. At the end of the module you will find a brief self-assessment to test your understanding of the arguments.