Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid structures combine the best properties of each material used in construction to achieve efficient solutions for complex designs.

10 Facts about Wood and Hybrid Structures

  1. Many buildings don’t suit the ‘one size fits all’ criteria. This applies to building materials too. Hybrid construction takes the best qualities from each material.
  2. Wood is used extensively in construction yet sometimes it’s necessary to combine wood with other materials such as steel or concrete; creating a hybrid structure.
  3. Hybrid construction is particularly common when building large or tall structures such as apartment blocks, offices, visitor centres or schools to provide extra structural support.
  4. Timber engineered wood products feature heavily in hybrid structures, including Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).
  5. Hybrid structures often result in aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, and sustainable buildings. Designs can be as simple or complex as needed. Hybrid construction is particularly beneficial for more complex designs.
  6. Hybrid structures are often made up of elements constructed offsite. Offsite construction means faster build times and is well received in built up areas as it creates less disruption, noise and mess.
  7. Hybrid structures achieve structural efficiency and often a reduction in carbon footprint. Hybrid structures are an economical, architectural, sustainable and structurally feasible alternative. Initial costs may seem high but the speed of construction balances this out.
  8. Wood is great for compression and steel is great for tension. When combined, they can make a very sturdy building.
  9. A common use of wood in hybrid structures is a timber roof structure on steel panels or timber floor panels with a steel structural frame (an alternative to concrete). Wood and steel can be left exposed, creating a beautiful structure.
  10. Wood and concrete work well together with concrete often providing the foundations and service cores. Waste materials can be included within concrete mix and using precast concrete aids the speed of the construction process.

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