The Swedish Wood CLT Handbook

A new FREE online guide, the CLT Handbook is to help structural engineers and architects design structures using cross-laminated timber. Download PDF.

Moisture-proof CLT construction

A guide on how the correct approach to handling CLT in construction can avoid the pitfalls associated with poor weather and high moisture environments.

    Guide to assessing CLT surface quality

    This Guide to assessing CLT surface quality is intended to provide support for developers, project managers, architects, purchasers and others at the start of a project and for inspectors and contractors at the end.

    Design of timber structures

    Volume 1: Structural aspects of timber construction. Download PDF.

    Design of timber structures

    Volume 2: Rules and formulas according to Eurocode 5. Download PDF.

    Design of timber structures

    Volume 3: Examples. Download PDF.

    Joinery Handbook

    A comprehensive 116 page guide. From concept, design, building, gluing, coating, care and maintenance.

    The Sawmill process

    From raw material to finished product.


    Architecture magazine, free online design inspiration. 

    Span Tables

    Eurocode 5 Span Tables 4th edition available to purchase.

    Builders’ app

    Free Apple and Android app

    Your calculator for span tables, quantities, volumes, surface areas and angles.

    Trä! Architecture Magazine Online

    Trä! Architects Magazine – Free Inspiration

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