architecture magazine – Issue 4 2022

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Photo:Nick Kane

The gramophone works, London, UK

Architect: Studio RHE, photo Dirk Lindner
The whole of the new structure is made from spruce glulam
and CLT, except for a connecting deck in steel that carries the
loads from the new structure along secondary beams and
into existing concrete posts. All the timber used is FSC certified and comes from Europe – primarily Austria but also
Scandinavia. Much of the wood in the structure is exposed,
along with some of the concrete on the lower floors.

The gramophone works London
The Cederhusen building

The Cederhusen building

Architect:General Architecture, photo David Valldeby

Stockholm’s first large apartment blocks in CLT and one of
the world’s biggest wood building projects in an inner-city
environment. A total of 245 apartments are being built in the
two neighbourhoods of Bologna and Humboldt, comprising
four apartment blocks climbing 10–13 floors high.

The Natural Pavilion

The Natural Pavilion

Architect: DP6 architectuurstudio, photo Daria Scagliola & Stijn Brakkee

The Natural Pavilion sought to present a sustainable building concept. It’s an almost entirely bio-based building, where all the materials are renewable and fossil free or they are reused, and it can be dismantled. It also demonstrates innovations from agriculture and horticulture. The client asked for a building that could have both a second and a
third life.