Hexagonal pavilion in the institut suedois

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Sep 6, 2021

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AUSTRALIAN architect members of the global organisation Architects Declare are having their say on the National Construction Code updates to make sure every new home – without costing more – will raise the required standards of sustainability.
Paris Design Week – September 2021 – The Hexagonal Pavilion

The Hexagonal Pavilion is a joint initiative between Swedish Wood and Swedish architects. It was conceived by Swedish architectural practice, In Praise of Shadows, in partnership with construction company, Ramboll. Made from pine, and in a hexagonal form, this space symbolises the coming together of a Swedish raw material with French savoir-faire.

It also symbolizes the start of new collaborations where wood, a natural and sustainable resource, helps to achieve the objectives of Agenda 2030. In this hexagonal pavilion, interior and exterior merge, as if to illustrate an unprecedented bond between ‘guests’ and ‘hosts’, between Sweden and France.

“This shape, hexagonal in all elevations, responds to the architecture of the Hôtel de Marle, and creates a welcoming and elegant pavilion in its garden”, explain Fredric Benesch and Katrina Lundeberg, founders of In Praise of Shadows architects. They add “The wood, with its silver coating, allows a complex play of light and gives the structure elegance, while the roof, with its darker treatment, lends it a sense of intimacy and presence.”

During the month of September, this pavilion is destined to welcome Franco-Swedish meetings and exchanges around the links between sustainable development, innovation and design.

Those involved in the design of the pavilion:


Pavilion: In Praise of Shadows architects

Interior and furniture: Marie-Louise Hellgren, designer, Heartearth Lab.


Pavilion: Ramboll (construction); Mike England Timber Ltd (materials supplier); OMG Plumbing and Construction Group (UK manufacture, finishing and bespoke fittings); Sture Exhibitions & Events (installer).

Interior and furniture: Stolab (producer of Lilla Snåland stool; Wigells (producer of hexagonal table; Fabric Forest (producer of textile); Örsjö (producer of the lamp).


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