• Glulam is a structural material, which optimizes the technical qualities of a renewable raw material – timber.
  • Glulam members are built with individual laminations of structural timber and give an effective material usage.
  • The laminations are finger jointed to produce great lengths and are industrially bonded with adhesive so as to create the required size.
  • Thanks to the lay-up of glulam, very large structural elements can be produced out of timber from smaller trees.
  • With the help of glulam, clients, specifiers, contractors and users will also in the future enjoy the load bearing capacity, beauty and versatility of large timber elements without the need to use powerful solid timber from old forests.
  • Glulam is stronger and stiffer than the equivalent dimension of structural timber.Glulam Handbook
  • Considering its self-weight, glulam is stronger than any other construction material. This means that glulam elements can span freely over great distances.
  • Architects and structural engineers have practically unlimited possibilities to create their own designs with glulam, whether it applies to a structure for a residential house, a roof for a public building or to a road bridge.