Wall trellis

Wall Trellis
Why do so many people buy plastic trellises, when it is so easy to build your own in timber, and paint it the colour of your house? People often make two fundamental mistakes with trellises: either they’re too small, or they’re attached too near the wall. It is important to allow about 100mm between the wall and the trellis to give plants the space to thrive.

The two trellises shown here are designed so that the trellis can be unscrewed from the angle iron brackets and folded flat with the plant when the wall has to be repainted. They are also flexible in both width and height and can be adapted to how the plant actually grows.

Simple Wall Trellis
This trellis is built on the same frame as the screen trellis. The rails are screwed vertically to the edge of the angle iron. It is 1.78 metres high and 750mm wide.

Danish Trellis
This is a common trellis type in Denmark. It is unobtrusive and can be made narrow or wide. For example, the narrower variant is suitable for tall-growing clematis. Wider variants fit all creepers that spread out, such as Virginia creeper, and are excellent for espalier fruit trees. The trellis is 3.0 meters high.

NameCross-Section mmLength mm (Drawing Size)Gap mm
Rails45 X 707521628
Battens19 X 38Above 1704200

NameCross-Section mmLength mm (Drawing Size)Gap mm
Rails45 X 95600 (+150)1955
Battens19 X 253000125