In Sweden, many villages are open to the public, whereas the English and Danes like gardens with hedges, walls or screens for privacy. Building a screen gives a sense of intimacy to your garden.

Garden screen
This simple screen can be made as close- or open-boarded as you like. It can have an open or boarded top. The construction is the same as for the wooden fence, but the capping is angled to the outside to deflect rainwater. When choosing a panel style, it is a good idea to match any cladding on the house or to match a panel typically used in the neighborhood. The screen is 1.77 meters tall and finishes 100mm above the ground.


Name Cross-Section mm Length mm (Drawing Size) Gap mm
Posts 95 x 95 1730 1700 ± 95
Rails45 x 95 - 651 (Lower)
644 (Upper)
Slats 22 x 95 1630 0, 17
Capping 22 x 170--

Open Screen

Here’s a variant that doesn’t close the garden off as much. The paneling is 915mm high and finishes 100mm above ground. Use 22x95mm timber.