A raised planter is often more effective than low planting. It is also easier to maintain and keep weed-free. The planter can finish off a wood deck and bridge differences between the decking and ground. It can be used for herbs and perennials, or annual plants and as a summer habitat for plants that overwinter indoors.

If you are planning a year-round planting of perennial herbs, creepers or small shrubs, it is important to provide separation from the fence. Use a breathable membrane covered with a geotextile to prevent soil from penetrating the membrane. The outside dimensions are 1100x1100mm, the height is 60mm above the ground. Planks are drilled and screwed to the corner posts. The cover board is planed, drilled and screwed into the top plank. The corners are mitred and the outer edges rounded.

NameCross-Section mmLength mm (Drawing Size)
Side Planks 45 x 145 1055
Corner Posts 45 x 95 650
Angle Top 45 x 170 1220