Installation Guidelines for Timber Windows

Timber windows produced by members of the Wood Window
Alliance are designed and manufactured using the best available
techniques to produce performance-rated products.
These guidelines will help to ensure the installation of your windows lives up to their quality, performance, sustainability and looks. They give you confidence that best practice is being followed, whether the manufacturer or a third-party is installing your windows.

Windows within the Wood Window Alliance scheme are delivered to site fully finished – coated, glazed and fitted with hardware in controlled factory conditions. Other windows may be available as joinery items supplied with a primer or stain base coat for site glazing and finishing. It is always advisable to choose factory-finished windows where possible.

 Delivery, storage and handling on site

Units should be brought to site as close to installation time as possible. Check items on delivery to ensure they match the order, the delivery is complete and there are no signs of damage to the products or the wrapping. Take care not to damage the product during the unloading process. Lift windows and door sets by the outer frame, not by the opening sashes, ironmongery, or glazing bars. Carry them vertically to avoid twisting or distortion of the outer frame and damage to the connecting joints. Don’t drag them. Avoid using metal storage containers, as excessive heat can damage the products. Where containers are used, ensure air can circulate freely to all products on the pallet and avoid storage in direct sunlight. Store inside on a minimum of three level, fullwidth, evenly distributed bearers in a dry, shaded area clear of the ground. Ensure products stored outside are protected from the elements with a waterproof cover, such as a heat-resistant tarpaulin. Allow air circulation between products. Products should not be stored in a damp room or building – particularly where plastering will be carried out. Avoid storing products flat. Water lying on a horizontal window or door will cause the timber to swell and will invalidate the warranty. Take care, when using sharp objects, to remove packaging so as not to cause damage to the product or paint finish. Inspect products regularly while in storage to ensure the conditions are correct and to check the base coat, primer or finish coats are in good condition. Our joinery products are manufactured to a carefully controlled moisture content in line with the requirements of BS EN 942. Should they get wet in storage or during installation, their finish and operation could be compromised.